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BBC Live Music

Posted on October 16, 2014 · Posted in Events

BBC Music Live Festivals 1997 – 2004

For almost a decade, the largest BBC music festival was BBC Music Live, staged across the UK and bringing together the best of all the BBC music radio stations & TV programmes in a week-long celebration. From Radio roadshows to major concerts by international artists and orchestras; from Tony Bennett to Snow Patrol; Pete Tong to Radio 4 Comedy; Street festivals to Country music; Gospel to Classical; Mike Gibbons was the ringmaster, the Festival Manager, Promoter and Coordinator for Manchester 1997; Glasgow 1999; Yorkshire 2001 and Belfast 2004 together with major summer festivals for the Millennium 2000 and The Queen’s Golden Jubilee 2002.

Millennium Music Live 2000

A major celebration of over 8,000 concerts centrally managed by Mike and the Live Events team, delivered by local coordinators that climaxed in 24 hours of live music TV on BBC One and Two. It was the event with the live ‘Perfect Day’ which closed the day-long live music show at over 50 locations in a synchronised delivery of Lou Reed’s masterpiece.

HM The Queen’s Golden Jubilee 2002

The climax of another week-long UK programme delivered by regional teams, this included the two concerts in the back garden of Buckingham Palace, “Prom at the Palace” and “Party At The Palace” ¬†whilst 150,000 people celebrated in The Mall. The BBC Live Events team, led by Mike, worked with promoters, Serious, to deliver the Commonwealth Music Festival in Hyde Park for 400,000 audience on five live music stages.